ToR: Video design regarding the importance of health care for people with Down syndrome

Date: 17/04/2019
Terms of Reference
Video Design regarding “Importance of Health Care for People with Down Syndrome”

General Information

Established on March 4, 2007, DSK is non-governmental organization, with status association, founded by parents of the children and persons with Down syndrome (SD).

DSK as a national, multi-ethnic organization, its mission is to increase the dignity of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

DSK reached to mobilize 902 families and its member, to organize initiative about the promotion of the rights of individuals with Down syndrome and persons with disability, to provide professional services which affect the welfare and the improvement of the life standard.

DSK coordinated local coalition of eight (8) NGOs for person with disability, called OKTAGON. Down Syndrome Kosova is member of European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) and Down Syndrome International, these two organizations includesindividuals and organizations all over the world and engages to improve the life quality for individuals with Down syndrome in all over the world and to promote their rights for acceptance and inclusiveness.

During these years, DSK reached to build up cooperation with many state institution as Ministry if Education, Science and Technology; Social Welfare Ministry; municipality of Pristina; of Prizren; of Ferizaj; of Gjakova; of Mitrovica. Also collaboration with the ClinicalUniversity Center of Kosovo, Department of Genetics and Gynecology and private clinics and laboratory which operates in Kosovo.   



Down Syndrome Kosova within the project “Empowering support systems toward the fulfillment of the rights of people with Down syndrome – 2”, supported by Save the Children in Kosovo, is seeking to engage a studio design which will design the video regarding the importance of health care for people with Down syndrome.


Down Syndrome Kosovo will provide the informative material regarding the topic of the video, which is reliable and useful.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Studio/company design will be responsible for:


  • The graphic design of the video
  • Adaption of the informative material with the design
  • Send a videofile_preview to Down Syndrome Kosova for comments;
  • Incorporation of all the comments from DSK and to resend the preview with comments adressed
  • Preparing and showing all the requests based on the plan with the expected quality and standard


Down Syndrome Kosova responsabilities:

  • Provide the informative material which will be illustrated in the video;
  • Monitor and support all the duty process from the begining until its ending, when and how it will be needed based on the agreement;
  • Ensuring that the comments given in videofile_preview are included in the final version of the video;


Payment Conditions:

The payment of the studio/company design will be based  on the conditions of service contract which will be prepared from Down Syndrome Kosova and it will be signed from the representative of the studio/comapny. The payment will be done through bank transaction in Euro valute. The payment will be done after finishing successfully the design of the video.


Documents and application procedure:

  • A letter that proves the expertise in the field of design
  • Portafoglio of the studio/company
  • Financial proposal;


Applications should be sent via e-mail address: with subject Application: The design for the video regarding health care for people with Down syndrome

The deadline of submission of application: 26/04/2019

Only successful candidated will be contacted!