ToR: “Trainer for training of teachers about specific education needs of the students with Down syndrome and the utilization of mathematical program Numicon”

Terms of Reference

“Trainer for training of teachers about specific education needs of the students with Down syndrome and the utilization of mathematical program Numicon”


General Information

Established on March 4, 2007, DSK is non-governmental organization, with status association, founded by parents of the children and persons with Down syndrome (SD).

DSK as a national, multi-ethnic organization, its mission is to increase the dignity of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

DSK reached to mobilize 920 families and its member, to organize initiative about the promotion of the rights of individuals with Down syndrome and persons with disability, to provide professional services which affect the welfare and the improvement of the life standard.

DSK coordinated local coalition of eight (8) NGOs for person with disability, called OKTAGON. Down Syndrome Kosova is member of European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) and Down Syndrome International, these two organizations includesindividuals and organizations all over the world and engages to improve the life quality for individuals with Down syndrome in all over the world and to promote their rights for acceptance and inclusiveness.

During these years, DSK reached to build up cooperation with many state institution as Ministry if Education, Science and Technology; Social Welfare Ministry; municipality of Pristina; of Prizren; of Ferizaj; of Gjakova; of Mitrovica. Also collaboration with the Clinical University Center of Kosovo, Department of Genetics and Gynecology and private clinics and laboratory which operates in Kosovo.



Down Syndrome Kosova is seeking to engage a professional-trainer (expert in special education needs, specifically of students with Down syndrome) with experience in similar issues in the teaching field and working with students with special needs, with purpose to build capacities for educative staff about the special education need of students with Down Syndrome and the utilization of mathematical programNumicon.

Training will be held in 5 municipalities of Kosovo (Pristina, Prizren, Mitrovica, Peja,Ferizaj), for 25 teachers of I-IX classes / for municipality, in total 125 teachers. Down Syndrome Kosova and Save the Children are working in the thematic program in the field of training for teachers with the purpose of developing academic skills of students with Down Syndrome.

Necessary qualification:

  • University diploma in Education, Psychology or similar field in social sciences.
  • Master qualification
  • Professional/nonformal education in this field is an advantage;
  • Documentation of work experience in trainings and their implementations which is focused in the fields of trainings with teachers;
  • Knowledge about the special education needs of children with Down syndrome;
  • Knowledge of mathematical program Numicon, the utilization and the application of this program withstudents with Down syndrome.
  • High analyticand communicative skills.


Tasks and Responsibilities:

From the recruit trainer is expected to:

  • Develop materials of training modules for participants in consultation with responsible staff of Down Syndrome Kosova and Save the Children;
  • Prepare necessary extra material for training including training agenda, with agreement and preliminary consultations with responsible staff of Down Syndrome Kosova and Save the Children;
  • Leads the training in a general way, clarifies and elaborates the thematic and relevant terms of special education needs of students with Down syndrome and mathematical program Numicon;
  • Organizes discussions through methods ‘’brain storming’’, group work and presentation about topics that are included in agenda.
  • Delivers the draft of written report, including objectives, work realization within (5) work days from training;
  • Delivers the final written report to Down Syndrome Kosova, within (5) work days after having received and incorporated potential comments from Down Syndrome Kosova and Save the Children in Kosovo.


Engagment of trainer:

The trainer will be engaged by service contract from Down Syndrome Kosova. In this contract in a specific way will be defined the points which are not included in this document.

Tasks Timeline
Preparing the methodology work for training (Methodology, agenda, questionnaires before and after training and other necessary materials)  1 day
Training with teachers of classes I-IX in five municipalities (Pristina, Prizren, Mitrovica, Peja, Ferizaj) 5 days
Preparation and delivery of written report 1 day
Total: 7 days


Payment Conditions:

The payment of trainer will be based  on the conditions of service contract which will be prepared from Down Syndrome Kosova and it will be signed from the trainer. The payment will be done through bank transaction in Euro valute. The payment will be done after finishing successfully the modules, training and delivery of written report, approved from Down Syndrome Kosova.

Based on Kosovo laws, Down Syndrome Kosova is obliged to do the payment of taxes (pension) from 10% of bruto amount, while for persons who belongs to non-resident entities, and don’t have permanent units in Kosovo the retention rate is 5%.



Documents and application procedure:

  • Copy of University Diploma;
  • A draft proposal about work methodology for this commitment, including the planning of methodology development and training;
  • A letter which includes the expertise and experience in the training field about applying the program Numicon;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Financial Purposal*
  • *Financial request will be detailed about every each working that will be realized, here it should be included, information resources, procedures and techiques of preparing methodologies, trainings, writing reports and a tentative plan of work.


Applications should be sentvia e-mail address: with subject Application: Training for teachers of students with educative special needs with Down Syndrome and mathematical program Numicon.

The deadline of submission of application: 15/06/2018

Only successful candidated will be contacted!