ToR: Trainer for the Training “Ethics on the Therapeutic Work”

  1. Background

Established on  March 4, 2007, DSK is non-governmental organization, with status association, founded by parents of the children and persons with Down syndrome (SD).

DSK as a national, multi-ethnic organization, its mission is to increase the dignity of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

DSK reached to mobilize 902 families and its member, to organize initiative about the promotion of the rights of individuals with Down syndrome and persons with disability, to provide professional services which affect the welfare and the improvement of the life standard.

DSK coordinated local coalition of eight (8) NGOs for person with disability, called OKTAGON. Down Syndrome Kosova is member of European Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) and Down Syndrome International, these two organizations includes individuals and organizations all over the world and engages to improve the life quality for individuals with Down syndrome in all over the world and to promote their rights for acceptance and inclusiveness.

During these years, DSK reached to build up cooperation with many state institution as Ministry if Education, Science and Technology; Social Welfare Ministry; municipality of Pristina; of Prizren; of Ferizaj; of Gjakova; of Mitrovica. Also collaboration with the Clinical University Center of Kosovo, Department of Genetics and Gynecology and private clinics and laboratory which operates in Kosovo.  

II.         Introduction

Down Syndrome Kosovo Association ( DSK) , within the project “Learn and Support me”, is seeking the services of a qualified trainer to provide a training for the staff of Down Syndrome Kosovo in the topic of “Ethics on Therapeutic Work”

III.       General information on the project

  1. Objectives of the project:

–      Supporting the development of the potential of children with Down syndrome

  • Increasing the awareness of society and DSK operators on the needs and potential of people with Down syndrome.

V.        Description of the Services

The engaged independent trainer will perform the following:

  1. A two days training on the topic of “Ethics on the Therapeutic Work”

VI.          Criterias  

  • Advanced Experience in the role of the trainer
  • Advanced knowledge on the disability field
  • Advanced knowledge in the Therapeutic Work and the Work Ethics


VII.   Application Requirement

Interested  candidates who would like to apply for the work should submit the following application requirements:

  • CV-s  of the candidate

XI. Consultancy Duration and Timeframe

The  training has to be held on 1st and 2nd of August, 2019.

 XIII. Down Syndrome Kosova Association contact:

The proposals should be sent:

Deadline for application 25, July, 2019.