ToR: Evaluation of psycho-social development of children with Down syndrome.


General Information

Established on March 4, 2007, DSK is non-governmental organization, with status association, founded by parents of the children and persons with Down syndrome (SD).

DSK as a national, multi-ethnic organization, its mission is to increase the dignity of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Mission: promotion, respect and protection of the rights of individuals with Down syndrome in Kosovo and of their family.

DSK reached to mobilize 920 families and its member, to organize initiative about the promotion of the rights of individuals with Down syndrome and persons with disability, to provide professional services which affect the welfare and the improvement of the life standard.

Also, DSK  during this period of time  has co-ordinated the local coalition of eight (8) NGOs with disabilities – OKTAGON), is a full-fledged member of the Down Syndrome Internationa (DSI), European Down Syndrome Assiociation (EDSA) and Down Syndrome Interest Medical Group (DSIMG), Memorandums of Understanding with University Clinical Center-UCCK, MB (Medilab), Kubati Clinic, Polyclinic Shoshi, Fati im Laboratory, NGO Handikos ,’’ Perparimi,, Resource(MB) and; Co-founder of the Kosovo Disability Forum, co-founder of the NGO Coalition for Citizens Initiatives-CMB and FDI, co-founders of the Coalition for Comprehensive Education of Kosovo-KAGJ, partnership cooperation with the Rehabilitation and Training ,Center – Syndrome  Pula, Croatia, Partnership with Down Syndrome Association of UK, membership in the network of European Coalition for Communities Living-ECCL, etc.



Down Syndrome Kosovo seeks to engage a service / individual organization (an expert in the field of assessment of the psycho-social development of children with Down syndrome), in order to assess the psycho-social development of children with Down’s syndrome and reflect the development progress.

The assessment will be done for 43 Down Down syndrome children age 0-12 who are part of the Early Intervention and  Education Program. The assessment will be carried out through the administration of the Vineland II test.

Applicant profile:

  • Proven experience in providing psycho-social services for children with intellectual disabilities;
  • Academic qualification of selected staff to perform the service;
  • Proven knowledge in the management of the Vineland II test;
  • Ability to produce well-written reports reflecting findings based on the test, with a simple and comprehensible text, demonstrating excellent analytical and communication skills;
  • Proven work experience with the parents of children with disabilities;
  • Proven work experience with children with intellectual disabilities;
  • Proven knowledge in the field of disability, Down syndrome;



Tasks and Responsibilities:

From the engaged one is expected;

  • Developing meetings with parents of children who will be assessed, with the child present, at the premises of the Down Syndrome Kosova;
  • Administer the Vineland II test, respecting the Deontological Code of the Psychologist profession;
  • Reflecting findings based on test results, child observation, parent-child interaction observation, and non-structured interview with child’s parents;
  • Collaborate closely with the staff of therapeutic services within the Program for Early Intervention and Education – DSK Center Pristina;
  • To submit a draft report to the electronic format for each child to the Coordinator of the Program for Early Intervention and Education and to address the comments given by the latter to the final draft;


Applicant’s engagement:

The applicant will be engaged by service contract from Down Syndrome Kosova. In this contract specific items will be specified which are not included in this document.

Tasks Timeline
Prepare a methodology for assessing the child  1 day
Keeping meetings with parents of Down syndrome and the child alone, in the presence of the staff of the Program for Early  Intervention and  Education 5 months
Total: 4 days



Payment Conditions:

The applicant’s payment will be made based on the terms set out in the service contract to be prepared by Down Syndrome Kosova and will be signed by the applicant. Payment will be made through a bank transaction in Euro currency. The payment will be made after successful completion of the assessment of the psycho-social development of children with Down syndrome.


Documents and  application procedure:

  • Expression of interest: maximum two pages that present the profile of the applicant who will provide the service;
  • A draft proposal on the working methodology for this engagement, including the planning of the methodology development and the holding of meetings;
  • CVs of the staff who will conduct the assessments;
  • Financial Proposal: Includes the total financial requirement to conduct the research required;
  • Example of similar work accomplished




Applications should be sentvia e-mail address: with subject

Application: Evaluating the psycho-social development of children with Down syndrome.

The deadline of submission of application: 20/12/2018

Only successful candidated will be contacted!